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In the last decades, costly investments have been made to regulate climate variability (construction of dams, intense exploitation of aquifers, etc.) and to adapt activities to drought periods (restrictions rules, control of water demand, etc.) and to floods (short-term forecasting).

Miguel Ángel Corcuera Barrera is (Technical Director) at Aguas de Añarbe (AGASA). AGASA is in charge of 3 vital areas: water supply to San Sebastian, flood protection on the Urumea River, and the sanitation system of San Sebastian. The Añarbe reservoir ensures reliable water supply for San Sebastian and short-term flood forecasting is in place to ensure it operation provides flood protection. While the benefits of seasonal forecasting in the basin have yet to be quantified, there is an opportunity to optimize reservoir operations (gates opening) for flood management, hydropower generation and water use (reserve management). Given the ability to plan 4-6 months ahead, seasonal forecasting could enable Aguas de Añarbe to adapt the whole system to the changing climatic conditions in an area vulnerable to both too much and too little water.



WRDSS supports water resource and reservoir managers by providing inflow forecasting and water resource outlooks for hydropower, production, flood protection, irrigation, water supply and environmental flows.